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VIA Ticket Claims Assistant Department

All claims should be file primary with your insurance carrier. VIA Ticket is a system that helps our company know that our customer needs help or has questions in regards of a claim or inquiry in insurance. VIA Ticket also serves as a system designed to make sure that our customer knows that we asa broker care about your questions or claims. So we keep track of your claim or concerns in insurance until your insurance carrier has closed claim or answer your question.

VIA Ticket Claim has been designed to keep in periodical communication with insured until their claim has been closed.

VIA Insurance Services is the 1st Broker Agency to have a strict follow up system in claims and the reason why is because our company will be with the customer at all times especially when they go through claims. The VIA ticket Claim will be our guide to be in constant communication with client at least once a week until the claim has been closed.

VIA ticket claim also facilitates any underwriting concerns and documentation needed by insurance carrier or insured, for the reason that we will be in communication with both parties for all claims to be effectively resolve.

We work with you throughout the entire claims process from initial response to  final resolution, to open a ticket in our Claim Assistant Department fill out the form a representative will contact you shortly.

VIA Ticket claim

How to report an insurance claim

Submit a VIA Ticket claim

Will make sure you have obtain a claim number with your insurance carrier if not we will guide you.

VIA Ticket Claim is a system where we as a broker will put in our database for our agents to follow up once a week on your claim process. This is to insure any miscommunications or any request from all parties trying to resolve a filed claim.

Insurance Services VIA wants to make sure we are with our customer at all times mostly in times of uncertainty.

That’s why Insurance Services VIA is the 1st broker agency to implement a strict organized system in following up with customer claims by assisting them once a week until claim has been closed.

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